This section presents the Greenstamp Project deliverables, as they are all marked as Public.

E1.1: Report on basic knowledge specification and requirements for each project component

E1.2: Report on Architecture and scientific poster

E2.1 . Report on research results and conceptualisation of the analysis system, acquiring and processing data related to energy efficiency

E2.2: Scientific article on the research that led to the system of analysis, acquisition and processing of data related to energy efficiency

E3.1: Research report and conceptualization of automatic learning models for data patterns energy consumption, cataloging and recommendation to stakeholders

E3.2: Scientific article on machine learning models of app energy consumption patterns

E3.3: Scientific article on models for cataloging app energy consumption

E3.4: Recommendation systems for developers and users based on energy consumption of apps

E4.1: Report on research for decision and management support system interface

E4.2: White paper on managing energy efficiency factors in an app distribution ecosystem

E5.1, E5.2, E5.3: Greenstamp Prototypes

E6.1, E6.2, E6.3: Integration Reports

E6.4: White paper on the main results of the project

E7.1: Report on the IPR and Exploitation strategies

E7.2: Report on the Dissemination strategies

E7.3: Report on the IPR implementation